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HeadStrong NY

 Scalp MicroPigmentation Specialist & Training

New York – New Jersey – Westchester – Connecticut – Rockland

Eliminate baldness & transplant scars 

HeadStrong 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation Innovator 

Chris’s Clients include, Celebrities, Surgeons, Artists, Athletes, Police, Firemen etc

HeadStrong Feathered Hairline featuring a softer more natural transition.

Impeccable Reputation -Licensed & Insured – Accepts All Credit Cards

HeadStrong NY 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation 

  •  World Class Results – Integrity – Great Fees
  • Licensed & Insured – 3D ScalpMicroPigmentation
  • SLOW & STEADY 3D Feathering Texturing Technique
  • Incredible Customer Service &  Quality
  • Chris is the 3d Specialist who doctors, athletes, actors, artist go to for natural results
  • HeadStrong Westchester County

SMP Services

Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness

3D Scalp MicroPigmentation can replicate your exiting hair follicle  Read More



Frame your face with a STYLISH, NATURAL hairline Read More

Scar Camouflage

Scar Camouflage

Don’t be anxious about your surgical scars, let HeadStrong NY help Read More



HeadStrong NY takes pride in helping Alopecia clients Read More

Facial Hair

Facial Hair HIS HAIR CLINIC Bankrupt The Bald Truth

 HeadStrong  3D Scalp MicroPigmentation

New York – New Jersey – Westchester – Connecticut – Rockland

World Class Trauma Surgeon after 2nd session. He said “Awesome – its a work of art. I’m so glad our paths crossed – I’m so thankful Chris for everything you’re doing”  image000001112353991_1566844510273724_1558608410_n


Keemar NYC Model “Chris has Vision, a Surgeons Hands & an Artists Eye”

 “I am driven to deliver the most natural 3D Scalp Micropigmentation results in the world – Chris CEO


HeadStrong Scalp MicroPigmentation Facilities


Our 2 HeadStrong 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation Locations are fully equipped with the very latest state of the art Scalp MicroPigmentation Equipment and are held to highest medical standards. In addition, we are the only Scalp MicroPigmentation Specialist to have a Board Certified Surgeon as one of our Specialist in Dr Bob Losier. We have  luxurious massage chairs for your comfort along with TV’s and internet access in every treatment room


20141024_102330Chris – CEO HeadStrong 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation Specialist – The Art of Permanent Makeup and 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation is so much more than just depositing tiny pigments within the upper dermis of the scalp. The Vision of the Artist to see the results of his client BEFORE he or she begins is paramount. In addition, hand pressure, angles, needle selection all play an important role in replicating a single shaven hair follicle. As the layering approach continues over the sessions combining multiple colors and hand pressure the result is a 100% undetectable illusion of a full head of shaved hair. Our clients are Celebrities, Doctors, Lawyers, Athletes, Artists and Men & Women from all backgrounds. Licensed –  Board Certified

Latin Singing Sensation Giovanni Transforms with Chris

Lovari, MTV Artist |



Natural100% UndetectableLife Transforming!

Clients Include Celebrities, Doctors, Athletes, Artists

New Transformations Everyday HeadStrong Instagram

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HeadStrong 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation  Chris’s client goes from Bald to Full head of shaved hair w/SMP

Dr. Arthur Freiberg, multiple hair transplant scars, implant scars, Transforms w/Chris Bruce               Prominent NYC Doctor’s HeadStrong 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation with Chris. Very soft, natural hairline and profiles.  Doctor had 5 raised scars, grafts and due holes, incredible full head transformation, difficult scar camouflage. Great results! Dr. J – “Chris is an Artist, on par with top nyc surgeons”






scalp micro pigmentation 3d scalp micro pigmentation scalp micro pigmentation training



HeadStrongNY   Shareef’s 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation w/Chris HeadStrong NY

Chris creates a 3D look , clients says in instagram life_coach_sal – “Until this treatment, I was merely existing for the past 18 years which is how long I have been losing in the war we call hair loss. After the first session I left KNOWING that I can finally stop just existing. Chris is honest, upfront and has a passion for what he does like no other. Best quality and cost in nyc, if you want to start living call HEADSTRONG ”


 New Transformations Everyday HeadStrong Instagram

 NYC Detective after second of 5 treatments w/alopecia

“Chris, incredible job man, looks AMAZING 80% redness gone. First time without a hat in 15 years, thank you so much!”



Before – During – After Pix Daily Updates  HeadStrong Instagram

scalp micro usa hairline ink HAIRTOSTAYNY

Top Doctors Train w/Chris

Micro New York

HeadStrong 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation Specialist NY

12080441_156403178041160_1059678455_n3D Scalp Micropigmentation  Client with complete baldness transforms with Chris. Notice the swirl pattern in the crown and ultra natural and subtle results. Slow & Steady is our approach using multiple colors and needles along with hand pressure and angles. Chris is considered one of the top Specialist/Artists in the USA creating unique one of a kind transformations


 New Transformations Everyday INSTAGRAM


HeadStrong Scalp MicroPigmentation World Class Results

12139651_1606346652960825_1423592834_n Chris delivers a stunning 3d session, multiple color blend, creating a true 3D effect for 53 year old client. Client recommended by top hair transplant doctor…as many are. Truly a life changing Scalp Micropigmentation! (redness subsides within hours)

smp scalp micro pigmentation ny 


Permanent Makeup Artists & Hair Stylist Train w/ Chris

América cantante Giovanni en el cuero cabelludo micropigmentación en HeadStrong NY con Chris -
Nueva pérdida de pelo Transformaciones diario en nuestro HeadStrong Instagram
¿Necesita Scalp Formación Micropigmentación

“Scalp micropigmentation is a new tactic in the fight against baldness… ” NEW YORK DAILY NEWS (July 2, 2015) HeadStrongNY   “The Power Cut” is a new look is made possible with Scalp Micropigmentation” CBSMiami (May 8, 2014)     Co

HeadStrong 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation

The Ultimate  Hair loss Makeover

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Use Caution w/ Forums & so called Independent websites who hold themselves out to be an authority. We do NOT sell franchises or pose as potential clients on bald forums. Our clients speak with anyone. Please do your own fact finding this is your head!

Our clients are celebrities, doctors, athletes, tv personalities, actors, musicians, police officers, firefighters and men & women from all backgrounds.
Your Head Is Our Calling Card & Must Look 100% Undetectable, Natural and  Stunning

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