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Please note the pix below were taken directly after the second session and redness subsides within 24 hours.

12545282_1184675391560538_153678227_nNYC Police officers transform with Chris and HeadStrong Scalp MicroPigmentation. He has battled Alopecia, scaring and baldness for 20 years he said. “Chris, you have changed my life so profoundly. I did not wear a hat for the first time in 15 years. Thank you so much!”



Use Caution w/ Forums & so called independent websites who hold themselves out to be an authority. We do NOT sell franchises or pose as potential clients on bald forums. Our clients speak with anyone. Please do your own fact finding this is YOUR HEAD!

Our clients are celebrities, doctors, athletes, tv personalities, actors, musicians, police officers, firefighters and men & women from all backgrounds.
Your Head Is Our Calling Card & Must Look 100% Undetectable, Natural and  Stunning
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