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The days of someone buying into the hype and putting up tens of thousands of dollars to purchase a Franchise (if you want to call it that) so you can have your name on someones website is OVER.

The newest idea is you pay $500 per month to someone and they put your name on a website and then you pay them ongoing fee’s. This is another recipe for failure and DEBT.


3D Scalp MicroPigmentation Training is paramount when looking to enter the exciting world of Scalp Micropigmentaiton. However, proper training from a proven professional is instrumental in learning hairlines, side profiles,  hand pressure, angles, number of sessions and most importantly how to establish color ratios etc.

Now to the point of this blog. Do you get training for yourself or office or do you buy a franchise from a company who sells franchises? Here Ana a well know hair stylist talks about training with Chris

I can tell you without hesitation that you MUST learn the art of SMP yourself and keep debt low. I am NOT a fan of buying a franchise from any large company especially since we have just seen the bankruptcy of arguably the biggest Scalp MicroPigmentation company in the world. What benefit do you achieve from paying huge upfront fee’s and ongoing carrying costs?

Dr. Schreiber Travels from L.A to Train with Chris

Use Caution w/ Forums & so called Independent websites who hold themselves out to be an authority.

We do NOT sell franchises or pose as potential clients on bald forums. Our clients speak with anyone. Please do your own fact finding this is YOUR HEAD!

Our clients are celebrities, doctors, athletes, tv personalities, actors, musicians, police officers, firefighters and men & women from all backgrounds.
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If you want to learn about 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation Training do what doctors, dermatologists, hair dressers, permanent make up artists and men & woman who seek entry into the every changing world of Scalp MicroPigmentation do – Train With Chris

Judo from Dr. Goldmans office trains with Chris

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