Is a Board Certified Doctor / 3D SMP Specialist Better?

3D Scalp MicroPigmentation


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Should you be looking at a 3D SMP company who also has a Board Certified Doctor who is a 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation Specialist?

The answer is, it certainly can’t hurt.

As a client you MUST know who your 3D Scalp Specialist is and why you’re choosing him or her.

At HeadStrong 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation  both Dr. Robert Losier and myself service every client in our medically approved discreet offices. We are a boutique offering discreet, highly personalized 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation. When I personally began introducing 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation everyone scoffed at the idea. The fact of the matter is that it’s a simple idea yet complex in its delivery. When putting a needle on any body part you want to make sure the 3D Specialist your going to is Licensed & Insured and is a Leader in the Permanent Makeup Field and certainly 3D Scalp MicroPigmentation.

Dr. Robert Losier

Dr. Robert Losier

Please allow Bob and myself the opportunity to show you what true celebrity treatment is all about.

HeadStrong 3 Scalp MicroPigmentation Clients include Celebrities, Doctors, Actors, Athletes, Artist and Men & Women of all backgrounds.

Chris – CEO Managing Director 3D Scalp Specialist

Dr. Rober Losier – Board Certified Surgeon & 3D Scalp Specialist

Use Caution w/ Forums & so called Independent websites who hold themselves out to be an authority.

We do NOT sell franchises or pose as potential clients on bald forums. Our clients speak with anyone. Please do your own fact finding this is YOUR HEAD!

Our clients are celebrities, doctors, athletes, tv personalities, actors, musicians, police officers, firefighters and men & women from all backgrounds.
Your Head Is Our Calling Card & Must Look 100% Undetectable, Natural and  Stunning

Licensed – Insured – Board Certified 

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